Friday, April 23, 2021

Love Affair - The Best Of The Good Times

A London based band, formed in 1966, and headed by talented singer, Steve Ellis, Their music ranges from pop, to pure, Motown, Northern soul,type sounds, to, R& B, and psychedelic sounds of the late 60s.

At last a CD featuring all the Love Affair hits plus the best of the LP tracks.

Really a mod group along the lines of the Small Faces, the Love Affair achieved success with highly produced pop tunes often featuring vocalist Steve Ellis only. This was a departure from their original sound and led to difficulties for the group.
All the great late 60's hits are here -"Everlasting Love", "Rainbow Valley", "Day Without Love", "Bringing On Back The Good Times" "One Road" and "Baby I Know". They still sound FAB. This cd also features some worthwhile LP tracks by the original group like "Hush" and "Handbags and Gladrags" together with a few recent recordings by frontman Steve Ellis. He was still a teenager at the time of the big hits and had an incredible soulful voice, easily the equal of Marriott and Daltrey. ~ Gary H 

"... What a fantastic album, from, one of Englands most talented, yet less well known bands,although their music is very familiar, being used in Tv ads, and films, such as, Bridget Jone's Diary ect. that most people will recognise..."

1. Love Affair - Bringing On Back The Good Times (3:25)

2. Love Affair - Hush (3:41)

3. Love Affair - Everlasting Love (3:03)

4. Love Affair - A Day Without Love (3:15)

5. Love Affair - Handbags And Gladrags (3:52)

6. Love Affair - Rainbow Valley (3:51)

7. Love Affair - So Sorry (3:13)

8. Love Affair - The First Cut Is The Deepest (3:24)

9. Love Affair - Let Me Know (2:31)

10. Love Affair - Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday (2:57)

11. Love Affair - Baby I Know (3:43)

12. Love Affair - 60 Minutes (Of Your Love) (3:40)

13. Love Affair - Someone Like Me (3:25)

14. Love Affair - One Road (3:11)

15. Love Affair - I'm Happy (2:20)

16. Love Affair - Tobacco Road (3:54)

17. Love Affair - Jolly Jaunt (0:53)

18. Love Affair - Little One (4:23)

19. Love Affair - Step Inside (4:06)


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