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Jerry Raye Featuring Fenwyck - The Many Sides Of

Although pop-psychedelic rockers Fenwyck were based in Southern California, singer Jerry Raye came from the East Coast; the other members, it may be assumed, were local musicians. Fenwyck's most famous song, "Mindrocker", was composed by Keith and Linda Colley, the same songwriters who composed "One Track Mind" for The Knickerbockers. "Mindrocker", credited simply to Fenwyck, was release in July of 1967 on the Challenge label as single #59369. Later that same year, "Mindrocker" was also released on the much smaller DeVille label as single #206. The DeVille release was credited to Jerry Raye and Fenwyck.

Formed 1963, Arcadia, CA, United States
Members Jerry Raye (vocals), Pat Robinson (guitar), Pat Maroshek (bass), Keith Knighter (drums)
Related Artists Back Pocket, CRY
Also Known As Jerry Raye Featuring Fenwyck

A1 Mindrocker 2:57
Written-By - Keith Colley , Linda Colley
A2 State Of Mind 2:59
Written-By - Pat Robinson
A3 Away 2:35
Written-By - Pat Robinson
A4 I'm Spinning 2:00
Written-By - Pat Robinson
A5 I Wanna Die 2:45
Written-By - Pat Robinson
A6 Iye 1:58
Written-By - Pat Robinson

B1 You're My Lovin Baby 2:34
Written-By - Van McCoy
B2 The Devil Is A Woman (You Tell Such Lovely Lies) 2:55
Written-By - Mike Davashe* , Tom Glaser*
B3 I Cry 2:18
Written-By - Amando Velegas
B4 Can I Be The Guy 2:58
Written-By - Fred Darian , Jack Moon
B5 Mr. Kicks 3:28
Written-By - Oscar Brown*
B6 Pray For Me 2:57
Written-By - Pete Apodaca



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  2. Hi there!, is Good to find this album here but that link is offline. Could you re-up? Thanks in advance

  3. Hi!

    Thanx for this one. Know Fenwick's "Mindrocker" but rest are "new" hears here. To sample presently listening to his YT track @ his Discogs page here:

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