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Hamilton Streetcar ‎– Hamilton Streetcar (1969)

Ralph Plummer - Lead singer, frontman, writer of all of our 50 or so original songs
John Burge (Ian Hamilton) - Keyboardist and arranger 
Tom Fannon - Guitarist and background vocals 
Jay Alan - Bassist and background vocals 
Greg Hart - Drummer 

The Los Angeles-based Hamilton Streetcar were apparently a studio project built around the talents of ex-Appletree Theater mastermind/vocalist John Boylan, singer/guitarist Buzz Clifford (who'd enjoyed an early '60s hit with "Baby Sittin' Boogie") and Ralph Plummer. The trio somehow attracted the attention of the eccentric Lee Hazlewood who promptly signed them to his newly established LHI label. Debuting with 1968's "Invisible People" b/w "Flash" (LHI catalog 17016), the group managed one follow-up single ("Confusion" b/w "Your Own Comedown" (LHI catalog 1206), before switching to Dot Records.

1969's "hamilton streetcar" found the group working with producer Richard Delvy. Structurally the set was odd, largely forsaking conventional three minute song structures in favor of a pair of side long, multi-part suites that frequently interweaved main themes with shorter refrains (examples included "Streetcar" and a cover of Tim Buckley's "Pleasant Street"). Heavily orchestrated, tracks such as "Wouldn't It Be Nice (To Have Wings and Fly)" and the instrumental "Entre Acte" sounded a bit like Curt Boetcher and Gary Usher's work with Sagittarius. Elsewhere, tracks such as "Brother Speed", "Welcome into Your World" and "" were far less pop oriented, featuring a distinctive rock/psych sound.

01. Overture (instrumental) - 3:18 
02. Streetcar(Lee Michaels) - 2:28 
03. Brother Speed (John Boylan) - 2:58 
04. I See I Am (Buzz Clifford) - 4:45 
05. Where Do I Go (Rado - Ragni - MacDermot) - 3:33 
06. Now I Taste the Tears (Buzz Clifford) - 2:35 
07. Welcome into Your World (Buzz Clifford) - 2:15 
08. Entre Acte (instrumental) - 3:58 
09. Wouldn't It Be Nice (To Have Wings and Fly) (Buzz Clifford) - 3:25 
10. Silver Wings (Ralph Plummer) - 4:33
11. Honey and Wine (Gerry Goffin - Carole King) - 3:28 
12. Pleasant Street (Tim Buckley) - 4:26 
13. Wasn't It You? (Gerry Goffin - Carole King) - 3:17  



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