Sunday, January 19, 2020

Pop Intrumentals of The Fifties

Once upon a time, it was a melody that truly sold a song, along with a clever way of bringing it across. This collection is devoted to that concept; Rare Pop Instrumentals of the Fifties, as the title suggests, gathers together 31 songs without vocals that for the most part enjoyed a run on the hit parade before rock & roll became the staple of the singles charts. Dominated by talented instrumentalists and pop orchestras, Rare Pop Instrumentals of the Fifties is full of jaunty tunes ("The Poor People of Paris"), charming novelty pieces ("The Typewriter"), themes from hit movies ("Main Title from 'The Man with the Golden Arm'"), evocative mood music ("Canadian Sunset"), period exotica ("Chinatown, My Chinatown"), and much more. Well sequenced and mastered with care, Rare Pop Instrumentals of the Fifties should please fans of pre-rock pop tunes and those who fondly remember mid-century melodies.


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