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Tony Worsley & The Fabulous Blue Jays ‎– Tony Worsley & The Fabulous Blue Jays (1965)

Tony Worsley (vocals)
backed by
The Fabulous Blue Jays:

Original lineup (1959):
Frankie Brent (guitar, vocals) 1959-?
Bobby "Spider" Johnson (drums) 1959-60, 1964-66
Chris Lawson (guitar) 1959-?
Doug Stirling (keyboards) 1959-? 

Later members:
Laurie Allen (keyboards, guitar, vocals) 1961-63
Jimmy Cerezo (lead guitar) 1965-66
Mal "Beaky' Clarke (rhythm guitar) 1963-67
Johnny Cosgrove (guitar) 1960
Ray "Screamy" Eames (lead guitar) 1964-65
Alan Easterbrook (sax) 1959-64
Doug Flower (guitar) 1963
Malcolm Hope (bass)
Ray Houston (bass) 1960-62
Royce "Baby" Nicholls (bass) 1964-66
Paul "Bingo" Shannon (sax, keyboards) 1964-66
Graham Trottman (drums)

In the wake of the incredible success enjoyed by pioneering Aussie 'beat' acts Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and Ray Brown & the Whispers in 1964, just about every local A&R man, artist manager and would-be talent scout in the country was on the lookout for similar acts that could tap into this lucrative market. In quick succession came Normie Rowe & the Playboys, Ronnie Burns & the Flies, Johnny Young & Kompany, Mike Furber & the Bowery Boys and many other similar outfits. The core players of these groups typically came up through the late '50s / early '60s instrumental surf-beat boom, or sometimes from a jazz background. Loathe to mess with a successful formula, impresarios with dollar signs in their eyes (or pounds, as it was then) would take such seasoned groups and team them with a fresh-faced front man with the requisite pin-up appeal for the young ladies (remember — these were the "scream years" of Aussie pop, as rock historian Glenn A Baker described the era). And so it was that Tony Worsley & The Fabulous Blue Jays, one of the most accomplished and exciting of these groups, came to be.  more :

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  1. Thanks for the Tony Worsley

    Great early Aussie music



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