Friday, May 08, 2020

VA - Astral Daze Vol.1 - Vol.4

VOL.1 Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972
VOL.2 More Psychedelic Gems From The South African Underground
VOL.3  Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground
VOL.4  More Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground

VOL.1 Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972

01. Suck-The Whip.mp3 

02. The Invaders-Astral 3.mp3 
03. Omega Limited-The Boy And The Bee.mp3 
04. Otis Waygood-Straight Ahead.mp3 
05. Abstract Truth-My Back Feels Light  What Can You Say.mp3 
06. Dickie Loader-The Eagle Has Landed.mp3 
07. The Flames-You Keep Me Hanging On.mp3 
08. Buzzard-Blurry Visions.mp3 
09. The Third Eye-Fire.mp3 
10. Hawk-Predictions.mp3 
11. Freedoms Children-Kafkasque.mp3 
12. Bryan Miller`s Destruction-Blue Machines And Dreams.mp3 
13. John & Philipa Cooper-13 The Mad Professor.mp3 
14. The Fireflies-Cathy Come Home.mp3 
15. The Tidal Wave-Morning Light.mp3 
16. The Bats-Race With The Devil.mp3 
17. The Idiots-Magic Dragon.mp3 

VOL.2 More Psychedelic Gems From The South African Underground

01. Freedoms Children-The Kid He Came From Hazareth.mp3 
02. The Tidal Wave-Spider Spider.mp3 
03. Omega Limited-Tchaikovsky 1.mp3 
04. The Flames-Solitude.mp3 
05. Abstract Truth-Pollution.mp3 
06. The Invaders-Shockwave.mp3 
07. Falling Mirror-I Wish I Was A Purple Door.mp3 
08. The Bats-The Rock Machine.mp3 
09. Dickie Loader-The End.mp3 
10. The Third Eye-Apricot Brandy.mp3 
11. The Gonks-Woman Yeah.mp3 
12. Hedgehoppers-Near Her.mp3 
13. John & Philipa Cooper-Man In A Bowler Hat.mp3 
14. Tribe After Ttribe-Swans.mp3 
15. The Illegal Gathering-Button Your Lip.mp3 
16. Band O` Gypsys-She's A Mermaid.mp3 
17. Finch & Henson-Lonely Spaceman.mp3 

VOL.3  Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground

01. Hawk-Here Comes The Sun.mp3 
02. The Gentle People-Hairy Man.mp3 
03. The Finders Keepers-Man Of The Sea.mp3 
04. Freedoms Children-Kafkasque.mp3 
05. The In Set-Morning Dew.mp3 
06. The 004`s-I've Found Her.mp3 
07. The Bats-Stop Exchange.mp3 
08. Sharon Tandy-Hold On.mp3 
09. Otis Waygood-Devil Bones.mp3 
10. Impi-Son Of A Zulu Man.mp3 
11. The Pattern People-The Love Of A Woman.mp3 
12. Omega Limited-Mother Loves Her Son.mp3 
13. The Tidal Wave-All In A Dream.mp3 
14. Abstract Truth-Jersey Thursday.mp3 
15. Jacob Hay-The Ostrich.mp3 
16. The Third Eye-Caterpillar.mp3 
17. Wakeford Hart-Lonely Man.mp3 
18. Ramsay Mackay-Saint Judas.mp3 
19. Quentin E Klopjaeger-Zobo.mp3 

VOL.4  More Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground

01. Suck-Aimless Lady.mp3 
02. Birds Of A Feather-Come On Up.mp3 
03. Bryan Miller`s Destruction-Hazy Reflections.mp3 
04. Dickie Loader-Sing A Simple Song.mp3 
05. The Tidal Wave-Get It Out Of Your System.mp3 
06. Ramsay Mackay-Silent Water.mp3 
07. Abstract Truth-Blue Wednesday.mp3 
08. Omega Limited-Grieg One.mp3 
09. Freedoms Children-That Did It.mp3 
10. The Attraction-Wheels Of Destiny.mp3 
11. Canamii-Come And Fly.mp3 
12. Otis Waygood-Fever.mp3 
13. The Electric Circus Jamming Band-Sloop John B.mp3 
14. The Third Eye-Young Folk And The Old Folk.mp3 
15. The Drifters-Ode To An Undertaker.mp3 
16. Impi-Herd Boy.mp3 
17. The Staccatos-The Journey.mp3 
18. The End-They Talk About You.mp3 


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