Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Mother Love - Carousel Of Daydreams (1970)

Danny Janssen [Daniel William Janssen] (vocals, guitar), Myrna Janssen (vocals, piano), Gene Prophut [Gene C. Prophut, G.C. Prophut, Gene Rogalski] (bass, organ, harpsichord), Wally Keske [Walter Hoke Keske] (drums, guitar)
Although the band’s leaders, husband and wife Danny and Myrna Janssen, seemed to be Danes, the band formed in California, where even earlier the Janssen couple and Wally Keske started in San Diego as part of the vocal The We Three Trio, who recorded the 1966 album of the same name of the year. The only (not counting a couple of singles) LP of The Mother Love contains a combination of software, male / female vocal, harmonious pop-rock and commercial easy listening. The album is still rare and exists only on vinyl ...


  1. Did the We Three ever appear on the ABC-TV weekly afternoon Dick Clark produced show Where The Action Is?


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