Wednesday, May 06, 2020

The Fallen Angels - The Fallen Angels (1967) - The Roulette Masters Part 1 of 2

US 1960's Psychedelic Band.

The current (2009) active members:
Charlie "CJ" Jones - vocals, harp and anything else he feels like playing
Jack Bryant - vocals, bass, keyboards, and guitar
Wally Cook - guitar, vocals
Thumper - Drums
Jack Lauritsen - guitar, banjo
Sunny Davis - vocals, keyboards
Ben Meyer - percussion, vocals, keyboard

"Really high-quality psychedelia. I can't help but think that
this band could have been far more widely known if their
music had been promoted properly."  ~ Customer

"This is the more garagey first album that preceded their 1968 second album masterpiece 'It's A Long Way Down'. On this album apparently the band was under tighter production control as far as what kind of songs to record, whereas for the second album the group was given complete freedom to do what they wanted, which made for a trippier, dreamier more 'psychedelic' album. This album is also great though, the band's garage roots are more evident, but with various psychedelic touches to make for an interesting listen." ~ Michael ( )

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