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The Archies - Sugar Sugar (1969)

The Archies -Everything's Archie \Sugar, Sugar
Sugar Sugar (Re-package of Everything's Archie) 1969 
German Issue of Sugar, Sugar

Everything's Archie , released in 1969, was The Archies' second album. The people dancing on the front cover were models and not actual members of the group. First pressings of the album included an order form for a sweatshirt like the ones worn by the models.
Sometime during the release of this album, Calendar Records changed its name to Kirshner Records. There are two versions of the cover, one with the Calendar logo, and another with the Kirshner logo. To the best of my knowledge, the Calendar logo was used on all of the orange record labels for the album.

The album peaked at #66 on the Billboard charts in 1969.

 About half of the songs on this album were featured on "The Archie Show." The other half were featured on "The Archie Comedy Hour." Unless I'm severely mistaken, Feelin So Good was not featured on either show.
Feelin So Good was the first single from the album, backed by Love Light. While it did make the Billboard charts, it did not crack into the Top 40. The second single, Sugar, Sugar, backed by Melody Hill, hit #1 on the Billboard charts for a total of 4 weeks, and stayed in the Top 40 for 18 weeks. It became The Archies first gold single.

Songs on this album included Feelin' So Good, Melody Hill, Rock & Roll Music, Kissin', Don't Touch My Guitar, Circle of Blue, Sugar, Sugar, You Little Angel, You, Bicycles, Roller Skates and You, Hot Dog, Inside Out-Upside Down, and Love Light.

 After the tremendous success of the Sugar, Sugar single, the name of the album was changed for later repressings to Sugar, Sugar. A blurb at the bottom of the new revised cover states "formerly available as EVERYTHING'S ARCHIE." The picture to the left is a black & white representation of what the cover looks like. In over 35 years of hunting for this album cover, I have never been able to find it, nor have I found anyone else who has ever seen it. Read further down about an update about this missing cover.
The album, Sugar, Sugar, was released in other countries, but with different covers. In Germany, Sugar, Sugar was released with a scantily clad female on the front cover. In England, Sugar, Sugar was released with a picture of sugar cubes inside of a sugar bowl. Most other countries used the artwork from the Everything's Archie album, or the artwork from the first The Archies album for their release of Sugar, Sugar.

Overall, Everything's Archie / Sugar, Sugar is probably the group's most popular album. It appears more frequently in used record houses and thrift stores than any of their other albums.



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