Friday, May 08, 2020

Gazz Radio Tonight's Show is Belgian Truffles (Michael Vee) (Lockdown)

Tonight's Show on Gazz Radio is Belgian Truffles Especially Dedicated To Michael Vee Whose Great Work On The Compilations He Has Shared To Us In These Times of Sadness.
2 Hours Of Great Music From The 60's  Including:
The Seabirds
The Dinkies
The Sheiks
The Atlantics
The Footappers
The Beatfellows
The Jokers
And Many More. Some You Have Heard And Some You Have Not. Thats What my Shows Are All About. Different Groups (International) So Come on in at 18:00 - 20.00 GMT London Tonight And Every Night This Week Over The Lockdown Period.

See You There


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"


  1. Hello,
    Is there a chance to find the CD: "The Complete Singles of The Four Fours" (with full group's output)?

  2. I live in the upper midwest area of the United States and I tried tuning in but it tells me the server is offline or Unreachable.

  3. I.ll Have To Check Time Zones As you are 6 hours behind london at the moment.. so 1800 is 1200 noon where you are?

  4. Yes I think you are correct. I am in the "Central" time zone.

  5. Hi, I know that you will not respond as I choose to be anonymous, but how about posting each playlist as a download, as many of your followers can't tune in at the time you're 'on air'?

  6. Sorry I need to re calculate a better time Thats why i need Helpers who can DJ so we could Go on air that would suit mostly everyone. but it seems to be a big task to do without any helpers who want to DJ Ill supplly all the info to get started.


  8. I appologize To Michael Vee \as \i should Have Mentioned His Name And Blog On My Show Last Week as He has Given us Great Shares Please Except again my Sincere Appologies


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