Sunday, May 31, 2020

NAME THAT TRIVIA!!! A New Party Game via the Record Player, circa 1966 (Lockdown) (USA)

So imagine it's the fall of 1966, and, since you and your family have recently moved to the new high-end subdivision, you want to get to know your neighbors better. What better why than hosting a dinner party, after which you'll play a game? Perhaps you'll invite the neighbors on either side of you, and the those from the three houses on lots that are across from yours and those other two neighbors! And next Friday, the kids will all be at the school dance!

But the real fun will come after dinner, when you break out that album you bought over the summer, the one you got as soon as you heard about it back in July, the one on the Frisky record label, featuring everyone's favorite quizmasters, Phyllis Hedeman, James Dukas and Jerry Roberts, "NAME THAT TRIVIA!". It came with even answer pads for everyone, see?
you've touched the needle down on the record just to see if the questions are too hard or too easy, but they seem just right for people of your vintage. Things like:

"Remember 'Pebeco'? What would you do with it?"


"what was that chased away that villian, 'Mr. Coffee Nerves'?"


"What was a Hooverville?". 

This sounds like a LOT of fun! Here's hoping your party goes well!


Ty To Original Sharer

"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

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